Why do you charge a processing fee in addition to the Contractor charges for Specialty Treatments?

Epsilon Apparel Service provides in-house Pre-Production Pattern Making, Grading/ Marker Making & Garment Manufacturing Services. Specialty Treatments are contracted out. We source, coordinate and manage the contractors who suit your needs best. This is what the processing fee covers.

What do you mean by "Consulting" Services?

Epsilon Apparel Service is capable of re-organizing the Design/Pre-Production end of your company. There is also a certain amount of organization/ data-entry needed if you have several styles that need to be worked on. Optimizing efficiency levels, no matter how small the company, is vital to keeping a Clothing Manufacturer afloat. We have worked for some if the largest Manufacturers here in Los Angeles who have the best systems. We are capable of rebuilding an infrastructure, or simply reworking one end of it. We can also check samples against their patterns and teach you a basic understanding of the Tukatech Software so you can change the fabric widths of the markers and other things at a Tukacenter.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also have a Business Account with Paypal and we are an Verified Merchant with Authorize.net. Transactions will appear on your statements under “Epsilon Apparel Service.

What are your Payment and Refund Policies?

All projects require Written Authorization and a 50% deposit via Credit Card, Paypal or Check. Full Payment is required upon receipt of your goods. We do not accept checks for the final balance of the Project – particularly for balances over $1000 or for first time clients – if the remainder of the invoice cannot be paid via Credit Card, a Cashier’s Check or Money Order will be required to release the goods. A complete invoice will be provided to you.

Epsilon Apparel Service must be subsequently notified of any perceived defects within 48 hours or no Corrections or Credits will be issued to your Goods or Account.

I am concerned about someone taking my ideas.

We have a Non-Disclosure Agreement that we can sign.

Where are the Tukacenters located and how much do they charge?

There is one in the California Mart and in the City of Commerce at Slauson & Eastern here in Southern California. Here is a link to their contact information. Call for Rates and information:http://www.tukatech.com/contact.html

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