Apparel Development and Pre-Production Consulting & Guidance

This consists of consulting services, entering style and construction data onto spreadsheets (Spec Sheets), Line Sheets and/or digitally drawn flats, Sourcing Materials (fabrics & trims), and Fittings.

We can also assist in improving the system of your Design and/or Production Departments- $40.00/hr.

Written Estimates detailing the scope of work are provided and subject to your signed approval before initiating each project. 50% Credit Card/ Paypal Deposits are required for all orders.

Pattern Making for Fashion Design

Pattern Making & Modifying– $55.00/hr. First Patterns require desired measurement specifications and/or a garment with a similar fit or construction. This is only to decrease the development period and make the process more time & cost efficient for you.

Digitizing is $45 per pattern, however it is included if you go forward with Grading.

Grading & Markers

$85 for three total sizes minimum (i.e. S-L)
$115 for four sizes (i.e. XS-L, or 1X-4X)
$145 for five sizes (i.e. XS-XL)
or $175 for six sizes (i.e. XS-2XL or 2-12)
*$30 each additional size

Individual Marker Prints are $35 per Fabrication/ Style up to 10 yards. Markers which exceed 10 yards (for Contrast or Lining, etc.) are an additional $2.50 per yard.

This includes Digitizing a Garment or Pattern and one 10 Yard Plotted Marker Containing every Size for each Style . Additional Markers which exceed 10 yards (for Contrast or Lining, etc.) are an additional $1.50 per yard.

Digitizing an actual garment requires some Pattern Making and most likely a sample in order to assign all proper markings and ensure the pattern is ready to be graded and marked.

Production Cutting & Sewing

For domestic production labor (cut&sew) prices we would need the samples for 48-72 hours, and a list of the quantities, number of colorways and sizes. /span>

Production prices start at 100 – 150 units and up per style depending on the number of sizes and colorways.

Sample Design from Patterns

Sample Prices for Cutting & Sewing range from $35 for a basic t-shirt to $85 for a Men’s Shirt or a Woven Dress with Lining to approximately $175 for a Jacket or Blazer with Multiple Pockets or other embellishments. Jeans or 5 Pocket Pants are typically around $95 and $55 is a basic price for an unlined Sportswear Top. Prices increase when sewing in silk, chiffon or satins.

Duplicates are approximately $10-20 less if they number over five units per style.

A Test Sample is encouraged to perfect the Pattern before going forward with a complete sample in the actual fabric. This is also a must when major adjustments are desired. They are not sewn complete & typically take only 1 hour to create. Test Samples are $20/hr or per sample.

Production Management

Apparel factory in Los Angeles

Production Prices are given on a per sample basis for Cutting & Sewing, Samples must be left with us for 24-72 hours.

Specialty Treatments

such as Smocking, Screen-printing, Dyeing, Embroidery, etc… Samples are processed for $25/hr or per location.

Apparel Brand Management and Development

The Brand Management Department can assist our clients with all their Marketing, Brand Positioning and Buyer Presentation needs. Services include, but are not limited to: Merchandising Consultancy, Lookbooks, Websites, Design Assistance, Sales Representatives, Market Research and more! Please inquire within for a Complete Brochure.

Full Package Apparel Manufacturing House in Los Angeles

Of course, we are able to provide all the above services under one roof. There is much value in working with an established, multi-functional team with years of full package experience. This is quite different from employing a stand-alone facility that does not see the entire process from the beginning to the end, and therefore, does not get feedback from working directly with the factory on a daily basis.

We have seen the end result of many types of Material and Construction decisions which enables us to advise you on how to pursue the most optimal Manufacturing Route.

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